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MEET The Leggings

These leggings are super soft and comfortable.  You might never want to take them off! They contain 8% spandex which makes them fit really well. Some have what are called peach finish which is really soft to the touch and others have a sleek and shiny finish.


Whether it is a leggings ensemble or a simple pair of jeans (yes, we have to wear pants some of the time!),

 a cute bracelet or scarf help to complete any outfit.

MEET Laura

Laura loves to be comfy whenever possible which is why she was so excited when she found these leggings!  You can dress them down, dress them up or anywhere inbetween! She finds joy in sharing  the comfort with others!


What is the difference between your leggings and all of the other brands out there?

Most of the leggings out there are ordered from the same wholesalers and therefore are the same! The difference is in the customer service and price.  We will be there for you after your purchase and you can get more for your money with our leggings as well!


How do I order?

You can order by clicking here, email what you would like to order to or send a message on Facebook!


What forms of payment do you accept?

You can pay in person by cash or credit card, email transfer money or pay via paypal.


How should I wash my leggings?


We recommend a cold water wash, inside out (a garment bag is best) and hang to dry. This will help the spandex last longer and will prevent pilling.


Do you offer returns or exchanges?

If you notice a flaw in your leggings after getting them home we are happy to exchange them for another pair. We do not replace leggings that are damaged due to improper care. Please see wash instructions above.


Can I try them on before I buy them?

You are more than welcome to try the leggings on before purchasing! Feel free to contact us to arrange for a fitting or visit us at one of our upcoming vendor shows! (LINK TO PAGE HERE)


Do you do home parties?

Yes we do!  We come and set up all of our clothing and you and your friends can enjoy a fun evening/afternoon together trying on some great looking outfits! For every 10 pairs sold at your party, you receive a free pair!


What are the sizes?

We have two sizes of leggings. The first size range fits 2-12 and the second size range fits 14-22. Kids sizes (depending on the style) fit 3-6Y, 6-9Y and 9-11Y.


Will you ship if I don’t live nearby?

Absolutely! We can give you a shipping quote based on your address before you pay. Shipping in Ontario via Canada Post start at around $13.00.

"A woman is never sexier than when she is comforatble in her clothes."


• Vera Wang

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